hey guys, i just got my ESP EC-1000 back, minus the most important part..


should this item work as a replacement? or might there be problems with the demensions? are far as i know when i got this, its supposed to be the tonepros that came with it, if that helps you guys out, thanks

and also im only opting for this so far because im already gonna get a big order with the payment plan and this fits in nicely without breaking the bank
No, not all TOM's have the same dimensions.
Plus, you wouldn't want to replace the EC1000 bridge with a Gibson TOM. Gibson TOM's aren't that good, the studs on both the bridge and tailpiece aren't machined that well, so they are loose.

The EC1000 has a TonePro's TOM, which is one of the best made TOM bridges you can buy.
hm =\ i just wanted to be cheap, would it at least fit on the post in the mean time? and as far as why its not on there thats a long story, 3 infact
it fell from 3 stories, now has 2 loose tuners that still work fine mind you, and a missing bridge

this things tough =]
What part exactly is missing from it? The bridge itself, or the stop tailpiece, or both?

I know for a fact that the EC series has either very small or very large post holes; the other guitarist in my band's bridge kept breaking strings, and we tried to put a Schaller Roller I had lying around on there, and the post holes were.... I really want to say too small to put the ones that went with that bridge on the guitar.

If I were you, I'd contact ESP, just to see what exact model you need. It should be a standard TonePros, but it never hurts to check before buying.

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

the one with the saddles for intonation on it, apperantly its a locking tonepros, the size of which im not sure of yet i will email ESP now

and i dont know what the size refers to, ie large post, but i dont need to parts that go into the guitar or the parts that screw into those, just the actual saddle part that loosely comes on and off without strings on it, and not the stop piece