the song is good, but i believe the lead takes away from it. The lead has no direction, and is not in time with the music. It brings the whole thing down IMO. Either take it out, or make it simpler.

can you comment on my "Lonely Till The End Of Time" song a few threads down?

"Those who dream by night, in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that all was vanity; but dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, and make it possible."
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sorry for the delay, but i TOLD you i would get to yours since you played nice and crit mine. :-)

top of the world... maybe its just me, but i wasnt a fan of the vox. the vocal MELODIES were great, but the lead vocals, i cant place it, but it sounds too much like your typical christian rock band voice to me. sorry i cant explain it better. maybe its just not my thing, but i didnt think it worked.

the dirty guitars sounded too thin. maybe its just my taste, maybe its just my speakers. try maybe double tracking them. i liked the "simple and effective" approach on the guitar, but i think it could be beefed up a touch. great job otherwise. i liked the part at the end where i actually thought it was over then there was a bridge kinda part. i love that kinda stuff.

either way, you are a better singer than me, so kudos!

not all about you....there was a part at about 0:10 where the parts just dont seem to mesh very well. LOVED the beginning solo though and the little runs throughout. the tones are great and the amount of reverb is perfect!
at about 2:10, the vocals sound too "whiney". almost Liam Gallagher-esque. i like it, but it doesnt fit this song. some smoother vocals would be great since this song has a smooth vibe to it. if it was a song that sounded a little cockier, it would be great. good job though

what mood.....very Joe Satriani-esque at the beginning. digging the octave stuff at the beginning. is that overdubbed or an octaver? possibly beef up the snare a tad, and it ends VERY abruptly. it reminds me of someone who realized he had to shit all of the sudden..... other than that, i have nothing but positive stuff to say about this one. awesome tones throughout, nice guitar lines.
you like the band bush? the verse guitar kind of reminds me of the song bomb...geez i can't believe how much i used to like that band...taste really does change with time, although its still cool to listen to every once and a while
I'm sorry, it didn't really do anything for me...

I'm not really a fan of the chord progression, and the guitars sound a bit thin. The drum pattern is monotonous, which is unfortunate (But, if you didn't program them or you're using a preset pattern, its alright)

What I really DID like was the vocal. It reminded me a LOT of CSNY with the constant harmonies. I don't want to get down on your music, I think its fixable for a certain audience, but its just not me (Unless you transplant the vocals into a grander project. )