Hey, I'm looking for songs that have full step down tuning.

Can someone please name some for me?
Pretty much everything from Fu Manchu . Great stoner rock band btw, hope you enjoy it.
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orianthi plays in D standard! but its all wrote in standard on UG

try learning her stuff by ear!
Early Children of Bodom.
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I think more common term for this tuning is D tuning?

How about D Standard?
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Colony of Birchmen, Pendulous skin, Seabeast and some other songs by Mastodon
and I think Queens of the Stone Age has some to..
Sad But True, Whiskey in the Jar, - Metallica

Blood and Thunder, Divinations (and a bunch of Mastodon stuff)- Mastodon

Shout at the Devil- Motley Crue
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Just about anything by Sentenced is in D Standard. Try the song No One There for something sad and depressing.

Paradise Lost also has plenty of songs in D Standard. Check out Embers Fire, it's a pretty cool song that isn't very difficult.
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