Thought I might throw this question out there to see what you all think because a friend mentioned it to me the other day.

Are barre chords easier to play on an electric guitar compared to acoustic?? Or is it pretty much the same??
Frettings generally easier on an electric for everything, barre chords included - it also helps to practice them higher up the neck.
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Electric is way easier to chord, fret, anything like that. Strings are typically thicker on acoustic.
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I think the thick strings are a big factor with the acoustic that make barre chords harder.

With my friend he is learning barre chords but I reckon he is using the whole acoustic gutars are harder excuse to let himself off the hook
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Electric is way easier to chord, fret, anything like that. Strings are typically thicker on acoustic.
This, only nylon strings are even easier to push onto the fretboard... But then again most classical-style guitars have very wide and big necks which again makes holding down those barre chords a lot harder

There are some exceptions tho: some nylon string guitars (semi-acoustic ones in particular) such as my Yamaha APX5N have necks that are nearly as thin as the ones on electirc guitars: now those play SMOOTHLAY

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i'd also vote electric.
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I learned how to play on an acoustic and barre chords kicked my ass, but when I got my first electric I could play them in my sleep. Learning on acoustic really helped me, especially because I couldn't cover up my mistakes with distortion or what have you.
when I learned barres on my electric I learned the shapes and I was pretty much good to go but when I tried to play them on my acoustic they didnt work at all. I t took me weeks to build up the muscle between my index and thumb before I could sound them properly and it also exposed some weaknesses in the way i fingered the chord. For example I used to my a shape barres on my electric with a completely straight ring finger. On anything but a really low action acoustic your not gonna able to that comfortably.