click on the link in my signature. this is one of my older tracks (about a monthor so old), i just havent submitted it on here for crits. i did it in about 2.5 hours one day after work, so the final mix isnt AMAZING.

take a listen and let me know what you think. the most noteworthy parts i commented on right under the track itself.

take a listen to some of the other tracks on there as well. if you like what you hear and might be interested in doing an online band, hit me up. ill C4C also. promise.
Overall I thought it was pretty good. I particularly enjoyed the whammy action and the flange. I just don;t know how I feel about the double bass and the solo. The solo to me has too much wah action going on but I'm sure it would work for most people. I also thought that you could used more pinch harmonics when you threw them in. Maybe kept them up until the solo.

Here's mine if you can take a listen: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1431677
Alrighty, thanks for the crit. Like i said, the solo wasnt preplanned at all, but i do appreciate the feedback. I thought the flange may have been a bit too prevalent, but as long as SOMEONE likes it! Haha. I didnt get a chance to hear yours, cos it wont play on my phone, but i PROMISE ill have a listen as soon as im at a computer.