So today i picked up my guitar, and warmed up like i allways do, but when i started to work on alternate picking, my playing was sloppy as hell... I mean realy sloppy, stuff i was playing clean at 110-120 bpm yesterday, i could barley play at 80 bpm today. Anyone knows how to fix it? My left wrist hurts too, and the muscles in the left arm feels pretty strange (feels weak, like i just woke up). It may be because i practiced to fast for too long the last days. Anybody knows how to fix this?
You nailed it in your last sentence.
Rest and try to stay away from the guitar until you feel alright again. Could be as soon as tomorrow really, depending on how you feel right now.
This is when people usually say it's a good time to read up on some theory...so I'll go ahead and say just that: Take the time to get some theory down!

It's really important to take breaks when you practice a lot or the above is likely to happen.
I'd take a break from anything too intense for the day. Play some soft acoustic stuff or slower rock if you've really got an itch to play. From what you said, I think you might have just slept on your arm funny or something.
Consistency comes with more practice and warming up

Just read further, be cautious about wrist pain, it could be bad technique which could cause carple tunnel Sp?
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Sounds like you have bad technique. Try to eliminate tension.
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