I have a dream, where telecaster and stratocaster will work together in harmony. To do some I must bridge these two individuals onto a combined path. Can I put a tele bridge on a hard tail strat directly?

idk if this is against the rules, but it someone would make me a strat body, uncontoured, routed to accept a tele neck, even out of plywood, I wound be so happy maybe even pay or trade.
You can't put it on directly I don't think, but it would be simple enough to dowel the strat's holes and redrill for the tele bridge, so long as you refinished it solid. Hell if you're lucky the tele bridge might even go over the dowels so you won't need to refinish. You'll need to modify the pickgaurd though obviously.
If it isn't a direct fit, it'd be pretty simple to just dowel the old bridge holes, and drill the new ones for the tele bridge.

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also if you are gonna get a new body made why even worry if its a direct replacement?
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look at sonny landreth's guitar
if i understand you correctly its exactly what your looking for