I am putting together a new pedal line and although I know tone, I am always a little lacking when it comes to circuitry and the specs of the electronics...

I just want to be sure I get the right volume pedal. I am the singer and my GTR is 90% rhythm. I need to be able to have true volume control on the floor, without worrying too much about constantly adjusting my GTR or other things...

Can I get some suggestions of the best volume pedal for this purpose?
Here is how my line goes;

Gibson Les Pauls and Hollow-bodies
??Volume Pedal??- tuner out to TC Helicon Tuner
Blues Driver
Boss DM-3 analog delay
split to
Blues Jr. (EQed for Hi-end)
Vintage Alamo Fury GTR/BASS combo (EQed for Low-end)

Please help!

Also, any comments on this rig are welcome. I know my amp setup is strange, but the sound I get is fantastic!

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This guy makes a pretty sweet volume pedal; http://www.this1smyne.com/product_list/products/mv-mini-volume-pedal/
He also does custom work, so if you want a volume pedal in a wah-style enclosure, Dan can sure as heck do it for cheapsies.

One other thing... It's better, if you have a high-quality tuner (as you certainly do), to not use the tuner-out on a volume pedal. That's where you can lose a lot of tone.
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Ernie Ball VP, hands down. It serves its function, is built like a tank, and can also be used as an expression pedal.

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Visual Sound Volume

Its awesome and so on but most importantly... It has lights!

I go one of these. Love the lights!

Don't get a Rockman Volume pedal. IMO Its a POS.
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The Visual Sound is good too. The lights actually really do come in handy.

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

I have an Ernie Ball Volume Jr. but my friend in another band had one and broke the cord underneath. After that he got the Dunlop DVP1. I think that's your most rugged / long-lasting option. I hardly use my Ernie Ball and it is still going strong but I bet if I used it as much as him then I'd have the same issue.

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I went with the VP JR... I like the Visual Sound, but just vant justify that much cash for a volume pedal... I was aware of the wear problem with the cord, but my guitrist is wiz at fixing that kinna stuff, so I went ahead and rolled the dice... if I ever find a Visual Sound at a decent price, I might just nab it...