This is my new blackmetal song... this time i emphasized to the brutal and raw sounding of the black metal genre.I intend to record this song so give me your suggestions.For now i dont plan to change the acoustic part cause its already recorded.Hope you like it

recorded version here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cSBzcbsuCk
Mysong-Incarnation To The Molloch ver2.zip
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blew my mind
first good black metal ive seen on this forum
i cant really say much about it theres nothing wrong with it:
bar 25 the 32nds you do are awsome way to start a new riff noticed u did that somehwere else do haha
bar 94 to 99 the drums suck i think that really lets to the song down and the drums could either not excist for the build up and just have a tom roll in on 99 or just have atmospheric cymbal build up. also i think when the drums come in for like the whole riff its so boring compared to rest of song i wrote some drums for the bit i mean so take a listen but i SUCK at writing ive never had any leasons in music theory so i get timming wrong all the time but i THINK you will be able to feel a beat and improve on it

well done
hm thank you dude...i think i got the basic idea for the drums at the acoustic part.Ill work on it and will see what will hapen thank you.Leave your link to song for C4C
Writing this as I listen, I'm looking forward to some nice blackmetal seeing your username and everything. Immortals last album was killer, just sayin'.

Ooh moody start, with the intro sound and the choir ah's. That's a pretty melancholic evil clean guitar you have going. The drums that start are pretty meh though, rest is good. That's some pretty extreme blackmetal you get going at bar 26, I like the transition to it on bar 25. The drum got better, or well youknow, the drum you have is perfect to fit it although guitapro makes it sound crappy. It's a bit more extreme black metal then I'm used to, riff at 40 is really nice. I like how it's so melodic but in such an evil way. You're really inviting me to have another listen to Immortal's All Shall Fall, haven't listened to that in ages but I loved it too death. So this reminding me of it is definitly a good thing. What are you thinking of this production-wise? I hope it isn't going to be one of those kvlt cave productions because I hate that crap. The piece really has it's own vibe, just out of curiosity, how do all these chords and stuff played on real guitars? Guitar pro gives it a nice kind of "liquid" sound that's pretty cool. I've arrived at bar 78, still liking it although there isn't really any specific part that stands out, it does seem to flow well and it feels like it's progressing toward something. I'm at 86 that's probably what you were progressing too. Like the cleans, the drum over the clean isn't that great in my opinion. The part at 112 is really nicely done, I really like what you do there on your guitar some pretty creative playing you have going on. It's like country playing combined with black metal or something, really neat and such an atmosphere you set. Really sets the dramtic mood for bar 137 onwards. Which sounded REALLY REALLY epic after that clean part. The fade out outro fits, but I suggest having it fade out slower, so that it repeats more.

I'm in no way a huge black-metal-head, but that was a stunning piece of music in my opinion. I'd be awesome to hear that stuff recorded.
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Thank you...Some of the riffs are hard to record and maybe il change them a bit to sound more cleaner.I realy hate that cave sounding too so dont worry .Also im not good at mixing at all so we will se whats gonna be at the end cause i record at home.Also about the acoustic part i really wondered should there be any drums or not and i have deciedet to be so that way it can keep a little bit the instense to the song.Maybe i will change them to sound more brutal but idk if it will be a good choise.

P.S Im not inspiret by Immortal or anything.I try to do songs with my own mind and feeling...if i say i did not get inspirations at all i would lie ofc but they are just to form my style of writing music
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Space reserved for crit. I've listened to it once, it's good, but not without flaw. I'll get to it soon.
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It's like Fenriz and J. Read

"I'm so happy to love metal and stuff"

"I AM metal"
As I listen

Choir intro is nice

Like the clean bit quite a bit. Nice eerie tone to it. The beginning drums are simple, but very effective. Dont really know why 23/24 are there though; I think those should go. Those two are ultimately superfluous. It'd streamline it a bit, and the transition wouldnt be any better or worse for it.

I like the first riff a lot. Furious, but not overly fast yet. And interesting rhythmically as usually. The next riff is also good.

Third riff is fantastic. Fourth is a bit chaotic. I dunno how the hell you play that, some of the fret changes are crazy. Same with the riff at 54 although I like it. Its really good. Drums are starting to need a bit of variation now though they fit.

66 is real interesting. So far so good. Aside from this detail: It gets a tad monotonous, cause everything just gets put in repeat bars. This song needs some air, like a break in the riffs, and maybe something that doesnt get repeated as much.

The slow blasted chords section is fantastic though. Love it, just what this song needed. Instead of throwing in the 32nd note drums there, I think some just sixteenth, slower double bass would be ideal there. It'd keep the mood better, and just sound better.

The clean drums are interesting. I like the clean section a lot, even though it looks pretty impossible to play unless it's really on multiple guitars. The drums could use some variation though, and perhaps a different... less "metal" pattern, at some point I guess? Not that big of an issue though, really.

Again, the whole throwing everything into repeat bars is rearing it's ugly head. Cut back on the repeats there, for the good of the section and the song.

The outro is excellent though. Love the melody, love the high trem picked chords.

All in all, pretty darn good, a few changes here and there and it's a pretty damn stellar song man.
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It's like Fenriz and J. Read

"I'm so happy to love metal and stuff"

"I AM metal"
I thought aswell that this song got too repetive riffs and i wondered should i put more riffs or not.Since all my songs dont got alot of riff repetitions i deciedet this one will...but apperantly its not a good thing.I also worried that if i put more riffs the song will be too long and it will get boring.As for the drums mate...well i was never good at doing drums and stuff.I also think that the clean part at the beginig needs a different transition but i can't think of any that will fit for the next riffs.The othe clean part its played by one guitar as i said i already recodred it.It's not that hard as it looks , the fingering position is all that makes it playable and picking 2 strings and not one at a time also.Thanks for the crit and im looking forward to correct this song
Ah. Well that's sweet.

And also, I'd say any more riffs and the song would lose it's identity. As is, it just needs some repeats cut back a bit. The transition from the intro clean bit to the next riff is fine, just those two last bars where there's the random E's hit or whatever are unnecessary.

And as for drums, I understand man, drums are tough
Quote by MoogleRancha
It's like Fenriz and J. Read

"I'm so happy to love metal and stuff"

"I AM metal"
Way derivative of the overblown Norwegian strain and the spastic timing does nothing but provide "quirkiness" and novelty. Thumbs down

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Impressive! I love your clean parts, however I think fast tomfills doesn't really fit on clean parts. And this is real black metal, really good stuff man. You should record this! Outro has really cold feeling in it!
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Way derivative of the overblown Norwegian strain and the spastic timing does nothing but provide "quirkiness" and novelty. Thumbs down


EDIT: Will crit this shit later, listening to it atm and it is pretty ****ing sick.
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Awesome stuff you got there!

This one has all that i demand from black metal: speed, (very dark) melody and shitloads of blast beat!

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Its awesome
The melodies are very well written and thought out. Though I'd say that the acustic parts are my favorites, IMO the acustic part is the most thought out overall. Looooooooooooved the melodies, the drums, the aggressiveness of the whole song is brutal >!

Great work!.

Oh by the way, The outro is unvelievably awesome!! Thats the black metal I like.

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Way derivative of the overblown Norwegian strain and the spastic timing does nothing but provide "quirkiness" and novelty. Thumbs down

Thanks...**** you too and have a nice day.Its better than those generic shits in your profile
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Thanks...**** you too and have a nice day.Its better than those generic shits in your profile

Lol just ignore her: she's just a silly metal elitist with illusions of grandeur.
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I'm cockblocked regularly by my appearance and personality.
Kind of 1349 style. the intro I would change the f to f# .

the bridge was immortal style.

the part after that was really cool. DRAMA BABY!

now you gotta find a proper


Mate, this is a killer song, freaking awesome, 9/10, it's real special mate, you should feel proud of what you have composed.
And then begin the search for a drummer who will be able to keep up with you ::
Guitar wise, how the **** did you begin to play like that, your shifting complex chord shapes all over the neck while tremelo picking them at a very high speed, its sounds awesome, very melodic and yeah, your playing skills are great, hope the other guys in your band willl be able to keep up with it lol.

The only part I feel was lacking was that kind of melodic part, bars 88-135 or whatever.
This part is actually very enjoyable, but I felt that it was kind of long and could have been allittle shorter.
I see how you were progressing with that melodic idea and you were doing a good job of it, but prehaps you can cut the fat and make it progress alittle quicker.
I really do like the ideas you were showing in this section though, but it felt slightly repeitive.
If it wasn't for this I'd give you a 10/10.

Get this recorded with a band, put it on an album or whatever, this song is world class.
I would like to hear it when it's finally recorded!
Ultraussie the link for the recorded version is posted on the first page with the tabs...sadly i cant sing and there are no vocals
Dude wow O_O My face melted I wish the recorded was better quality the lack of quality is definetly unfortunate but you got something here. Do you mind I record this in high quality and give you link?
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I dont if you dont abuse my author rights ....other thing is that i wanna form some kind of internet band and if you want you can participate as the second guitarist.I wanna do good quality recording but i dont have the necessary equipment yet...i record through amplitube and since i dont know how to mix and master a song i use T-racks for that job...and you see the result.Also if you gonna do that listnet to recordet version too to see wher is palm muting ang how exactly is played cause some of the things in the tab are a bit different in the record

if some are intrested in my other song you can hear it on that link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-kuFn1MM5E just lower a bit the volume cause youtube ****s the quality alot and its better to listen with headphones
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