Hi guys,

So i finally decides that i need an interface for recording guitar and it has come down to these two: the Native Instruments Audio Kontrol and the M-Audio Fast Track Pro. I could buy the first one second hand from my brothers friend (i have actually had a chance to try this one and it worked quite well to be honest) and the M-Audio from my local guitar shop (which conveniently is on sale right now). So which one would you guys recommend and why?

Thanks in advance!
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Personally I would go with M-audio, simply because i work with Pro-Tools M-powered and it required hardware from M-audio. Also, Fast Track pro has 2 mic inputs (XLR), so it seems like an advantage.
It all comes down to what are you gonna be using it for. They are both great interfaces, and they both can have some limitations in DAWs you are gonna be using for.
Really, there's little difference between them and both M-audio and NI are great companies. If you are doing simple recording in DAW that is not Pro-tools - you can pick any.
But are they both good for recording with a mic as well as straight into the interface?
"Everybody must get stoned!" - Bob Dylan

I have not tried the Audio Kontrol, but I own a fast track pro and highly recommend it. No latency, noise free, 2 inputs, phantom power.