We take it upon ourselves
to bring it all to our own light
but we can't reach our own
if there is no light inside us.

Will your heart soften in the darkness
and melt in the light?
Or will we slowly slip away
leaving these wounds tear us.

These wounds just tear us apart.

Those scars you etched upon my chest
with the blade of your voice,
they will never fade away.
You left me but for dead.

Your spirit grips my throat
as your hand grips mine, holding
tightly and unsettled.
Your are but a piece of my soul.

There was a time when my heart
belonged inside my chest
but you ripped it from my soul
and kept it. all to yourself

Why are we so broken
We are nothing
Why must our sorrows
define us?

This is probably awful but let me know what you guys think
Last edited by Rocks ur Life at Apr 17, 2011,
very dark lyrics, but none the less has great flow i think apart from the two line starting with your spirit, stops flowing for a small whie there.
but generally really good