I just found an Ampeg 450H on craigslist, the guys going to sell it for $150. new they are $700+. If I bought it could I make a profit selling it to a pawn shop or even reselling it?
If its too good to be true, it usually is.

I'd be skeptical, is it broken or is there anything wrong with it?
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He's trying to move out of his apartment and can't take it, that old story. He says it works, just has some paint on it. I will test it of course, but they go for like $749 new and the only two on Ebay are going for that (my pawnshops base prices off ebay, and have no clue musically) . If I spent $150 and it worked, and new its $749 even 50% off the new price I'd be making profit

Edit he said he'd be available tommorow
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Definitely go check it out first. That's a hell of a steal if it's legit.
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He hasn't responded about a cab being present. If he doesn't have one it's 4 ohms solid state. Could a 8 ohm cab be used to test it or would I kill it? Also if someone could give me a run down of things to check before I buy it? i know if it makes a sound I'm 75% golden but I want to make sure.