Ok right now i have a schecter omen and a Raven 100w 2x12. I really want a new guitar but i also want some other gear. I recently joined a band and I am the lead guitarist. I dont know if i should buy a new guitar or some live sound gear. I want stuff that can play heavy distortion. My price range is no more than $900. If i get a guitar its gotta be a shredder. What should i buy?
6505+ combo?
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Get yourself a Randall, I just got myself a used RGTC50 and it sounds great. Not quite loud enough for mid-large sized gigs but it's got a great sound for Metal.
you need a new amp dude.
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amp for sure.
What?! There's a clean channel on my amp?!

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6505+ combo?

I totally would but its soo expensive. Out of my range
Are you looking for any specific style of guitar or anything that will suit your needs? If its the latter then there are tons of options out there. Ibanez, Epiphone and BC Rich just to name a couple all make really decent mid priced guitars, the only issue is the action and intonation need to be setup out of the box. A good guitar to look at if you want some excellent sound and all the tools to make screaming metal could be the Epiphone Les Paul Nightfall edition, comes factory with EMG pickups (the passive version of the 81/85), locking nut, floyd rose tremolo and coil tapping on both pickups. I think they sell for about $560CAD which is in your budget and certainly would fit the music you are playing.
i dont know exactly which amp, but m definitely sure , u need a good amp at this moment.google some amps and pedals for your needs. your guitar is ok!

if i were you i would buy a nice amp for the time being. for guitar upgrading purpose if i got enough money later on , i would go for the schecter Jeff loomis one !
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If your not into ultra heavy and chunky metal look at the Mustang series of amps from Fender, they are a modeling amp so you dont need to buy a bunch of pedals, basically a built in Line 6 POD. I ditched all my pedals in favor of the Mustang series of amps I use the III right now and I am going to grab the 100W head unit and 4x12 cab here real soon, only pedal I left in the stable was my crybaby from hell. They arent super chunky for metal a Line 6 or Krank would walk all over it but it does get pretty raunchy, on the flipside the clean settings are some of the best out there especially for the cost (I paid $309 for my Mustang III, the half stack is like $700) I swear I should get fender to endorse me for how much good I speak of this amp series but it really deserves it they hit a home run with the Mustang line, though I would still stick to the Mustang III or higher.
These are all great suggestions! Thanks. From what most of you have said I will probably get a new amp. Like i said earlier i need good distortion. I play mainly thrash. Thats the style of our band so not super heavy or anything but its gotta be loud. Should i just get like one of those heads with like a stack or something? Sorry about the termonology im not too smart about amps at the moment. And if so what kind? 6505 was mentioned earlier but its alot of money.