Using 16th notes? It feels incredibly awkward for me when I count and even with a metronome I feel like I'm counting wrong.
Actually: How do you use a metronome in general?

Like say I wanted to practice an 11 note pattern or a 5 note pattern how would I go about practicing that? I'm using a Korg MA-30
Practice them any way you want, there's no standard way.

If you're playing 3 notes per string, the most comfortable way would be to use triplets. So for each beat, 1-2-3 1-2-3 1-2-3 etc.

Be precise and accurate. If you can't play it at a certain tempo, knock it back down to a tempo and practice until you get it perfectly.

change the time signature. I would just play in triplets though...
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(1231)(2312)(3123) etc, where each parenthesis is a beat. Stuff like this is where alternate picking can be useful til you get your rhythm down because it gives you a constant reference point.
There's a bunch of different ways. Just find a pattern and go for it. Like the last guy said using alternate picking is good.

One way might be to go through the pattern playing four notes to each "click" of the metronome. On each click you could start on the next scale degree making it a strong note to give a sixteenth note rhythmic feel to the pattern. So for example in G major you might do this...

G A B C A B C D B C D E C D E F♯...etc etc

v = down stroke
^ = up stroke
 [B]v[/B] ^ v ^ [B]v[/B] ^ v ^ [B]v[/B] ^ v ^ [B]v[/B] ^ v ^  [B]v[/B] ^ v ^ [B]v[/B] ^ v ^ [B]v[/B] ^ v ^ [B]v[/B] ^ v ^
|[B]3[/B]-5-7---[B]5[/B]-7-----[B]7[/B]---------------|--------------------------------|......etc etc
(*)     (*)     (*)     (*)      (*)     (*)     (*)     (*)    <---Click  

That's one way there's a ton of others. The main thing is to slow it down if you find it awkward or difficult and practice doing it right slowly and gradually increase the speed as your fingers get used to moving that way. - And to practice daily.
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