Great, fat sounding wah, perfect for high-gain guitar tones, with a 'level control' to find the right amount of wah for your sound. Built like a tank, a solid addition to your pedal-board! The on switch is located to the side, which i prefer compared to the crybaby style 'toe-down' power switch, allowing for keeping those in between wah tones, for any Clapton Woman-Tone lovers out there.
I'm selling this off as personally it isn't to my taste anymore, as i prefer a bluesier sound and i hardly use it now. I bought it a while back in Denmark Street for £80. In great condition as i'm mainly a bedroom player, with the addition of Velcro attached underneath to attach to pedal-boards (which can easily be removed if you would prefer!)



Cheers for any replies, i look forward to hearing from you!
any takers? im really hoping to sell this soon. Just make an offer!
Great, sturday wah with a fat tone that loves high gain.
A problem lots of other wahs fall short with is high gain, but this thing is a monster for that!

Optical-electic control, so there are no pots to get scratchy and worn out, unlike most wahs.