FFO: Title Fight, Transit, The Story So Far, and Daylight.

Oh Messy Life are a pop punk/hardcore band from Edmonton, AB.


The recordings on the Myspace aren't the best, but there's a pretty decent video from a house show they played a month ago that has 4 or 5 songs in it, including a bitchin' Gob cover. Lot's of drunk people too

Any feedback from you guys is appreciated, and if you'd like a free copy of their EP when it's finished I'd be more than happy to hook you up.
Heard this band after seeing they're playing that show for Dave from Bonehouse when he's in Edmonton that Todos and Wolfgoat etc are playing. Even though I'm not 100% on why they're on that bill, I really liked them.

The Title Fight influence is a bit too obvious at times, but generally - pretty sweet band.
My name is Danny. Call me that.
I'd appreciate that PM too, if you'd be so kind.
My name is Danny. Call me that.
Damn, my band just got on a 4 way split after looking for a band to split with for ages. Bad timing, I'd have been very keen for this.

Also Quintin, are you in this band? haha
My name is Danny. Call me that.
Awesome dude, I'll download it when I get home and up it on a few other sites.
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Studio is booked for this upcoming weekend, so some good quailty recordings will be up in the next couple of weeks here. Stu Ross is currently doing some shirt designs for the band too. Will also be posting some live videos on my Youtube account shortly.

And again, anyone who can help set up a split for these guys will get free merch or an EP mailed to them.
lololol another band named after a Cap n jazz song. awesome
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definitely into this band. i wish they had a few more songs available. can't complain though, they gave away three.
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This is pretty good.

If they ever come to Toronto, tell me, I'd love to see these guys.

They might be doing a Canadian tour late this year/early next, so I'll let you know if anything gets confirmed.

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definitely into this band. i wish they had a few more songs available. can't complain though, they gave away three.

There's 2 other songs from that demo that didn't turn out very good, but they're in the studio for the next 3 days finishing an EP. There's going to be 4-5 songs, and then one "bonus track" which is just an older song they never recorded.

2 of the songs will be up for streaming as soon as the mixing/mastering is done, and until the artwork and stuff if finished the entire thing will be avalible as a digital download for like, $2.99 or something.
Cap'n Jazz is probably the record holder for having most bands named after their songs
New song "Samuel L Cool J" is up on their bandprofile. It's probably my least favourite of the 4 tracks on the EP, but some of you guys will (hopefully) enjoy it.
The full EP will be up in a week or so, this is the only track they have at the moment though.