Difficult to pick a genre they fit into, not sure if theyre heavy enough to be in the hardcore forum so figured here was ok after seeing they don't have a thread. Always put on such an amazing live show, am so pumped for the new cd. Anyone else dig theyre sound?
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I think they're pretty amazing. Some of their stuff's a bit boring and I kinda wish their songs had a bit more variation, but I still think songs like Kyla Cries Cologne is sick. Yeah their new album is looking to be pretty sick. Musical Chairs is pretty good, but I can't wait to hear the final version of this one

Yeah Bright bulbs is a favorite of mine from theyre demos. Kyla also happens to be my favorite off the last cd. They really only have two songs that I'm not too big of a fan of, apparently the last song on the new cd is over 11 minutes, so hopefully we get some more technically impressive stuff there.
Perception is the Mother of deception
They have a couple of songs I'm not a fan of but they're far from boring. I'm really looking forward to their new CD. Love this band.
Oh god Musical Chairs is amazing.

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I heard Dance of the Manatees a while ago, and I'm now checking out more of their music
How do these guys not get more pub?

Surely they're not for everyone, but it's just such clean, decent music - Fables, anyways - that I don't really get why it's so hush-hush underground. Their new album seems much more mainstream, and is done by E1, so maybe they'll get more now. The new song - Amarillo, free on their website - is really sweet.
I love that Amirillo Sleeps on My Pillow Song ( Or what ever the name is). Country metal? Hell yeah.
I'd like them more if the singer didn't sound like he was shivering all the time.
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I'd like them more if the singer didn't sound like he was shivering all the time.

His vibrato is a little crazy at times, I agree, I'd like to hear how he sounds doing some parts without so much vibrato.

However, he is a great vocalist. Interesting how they tune to C5 to play. I just tried the tuning out because of them and I can say that I love it on guitar.