C4C, I wrote a poem like this before that was semi-decent. I took my favorite three lines from that poem and wrote this poem around those two lines. Crit harshly.

Look around, nature
Embraces our humankind
As if we don’t fight

Listen, the crickets
Sing their music to show us
Nature equals Bach.

And with Bach blasting
Through the beauty of the world
I ask for this dance

Swaying back and forth
Harmonious as the trees
Moving with the breeze

I look at your eyes
And with sincere honesty
I say, “I love you.”

We kiss and dance as
Butterflies within the night
Pure and elegant

It is amazing;
All of the wonder and awe
In my thoughts of you

They wonder off as
A cub strays from its mother
Thinking of great myths

I am Orpheus
Using a lyre to tame beasts
To save you, my love

You’re the lovely Ruth
Divinely seeking the love
With me, yours truly

And as nature and
The divine unite us here
We find peace at once

As a lion might try
To win a lioness heart
I bashfully ask,

“Will you marry me?”
I close my eyes in my doubts
As a shark mid-strike

It is pure silence
As nature sounds ‘fore climax
And you say “I will.”

Then as a flower
Feels in the life-giving rain
I feel great relief

And forever we
Mesh perfectly like nature
And the divine law

We dance through the
Moonlight as two wolves when they
Finally unite

The howling is done
And Bach’s music halts although
The dance never ends