Regicidal Mob (8 String)

The song is the second one on the profile. The ending leads are going to be re-recorded to flow a little better and turned down a bit in the mix as they are in there a bit too loud. This was a rush job so my band could hear it. Let me know if you could bang your head to it.

I'll c4c ya if you link your songs.
Guy Stabs

-like a snail along a straight razor, dividing itself through motion
I'm still listening to it as i'm typing this, I'm not the biggest fan of metal. But you have a lot of cool tones in this song. It's got a simple feel to it but it's got some raw riffs. Real melodic, i like the breakdown towards the middle of the song. The drums have a very different beat as well. Its pretty original in the aspect of what you played really cant be compared to anything else that I know of at least, which I like. Like i said, i'm not a fan of metal but i liked your instrumental. Overall, a great song.
My acoustic music, c4c
I'm usually not a huge fan of this kind of metal, but you nailed it here. Nailed it. Feels like it could use some harsh vocals and king-killer worthy lyrics. Awesome riffs, and I liked how the 8th string never felt too overbearing, it just felt like another string instead of straight chugging.

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