What's the best Ibanez with double locking floyd rose that's $300-$500? I want to make my guitar scream. or Jackson. There's a Jackson Rhoads in the April newsletter of GC.... but that thing's pointy.
for that price range any early 90's RG5XX or RG7XX. they come with Original Edge Bridges which are top notch. if you want new a Ibby, the S320(renamed the S420? i think). goes for about 500 new i believe. comes with the ZR trem. also great trem....
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you probably just need a new amp
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1992 + RG550/770. Below 92 they had a different trem.
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certainly nothing new. look for old jackson/charvels, i have played a few very nice ones.


also look into a Peavey wolfgang, i picked up my floyd one for $400, and i haven't seen a better liscensed flyod out there, seriously i swear the baseplate is 3/16" thick, everything is hardened.

thats what i would do.
get 100 bucks on top of your budget and look for charvel pro-mod. original floyd is the way to go the others will start to wear out on you and crap out. thus not worth the investment in my opinion.