I just bought a used Ampeg SVT 3 Pro and a TC Electronic RS210. But.. I didnt think through my purchase very well so I was wondering (and hoping) that if i ran the amp through this cab at 8 ohms (275 watts) everything would be okay.

Yes, you will be fine. For future reference, check the ohm rating of the cab and its power handling, and then the output the amp has at the ohmage. If the output isn't higher than the handling of the cab, everything will be ok.
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Okay thanks, I looked at that but was just making sure there wasn't anything that I overlooked.
I would get another 8 ohm cab as soon as possible. Ive always found those svt-3 pros to be very quiet at 8 ohms. Run it at 4 ohms for best results i say.
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