Herro, everybody.

I've recently gotten interested in the prospect of studying to become an audio engineer when I go to University (I am a junior now). However, I have heard that they make no money and there are no jobs due to the poor industry.

I would also like to know how to really become one. Where to go to school, what to study and other tips.

A) Are there jobs as an audio engineer?
B) How do I become one?

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A)Yes there are, you can be an audio engineer in studios.
B)You study for a PhD in audio engineering.
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Sound engineering is kinda hard in terms of looking for a job. PErsonally I'm still deciding whether to do electrical or audio but in any case it takes studying. A LOT OF STUDYING. Like..you know how you like those weekend parties? Yeah, say goodbye to that.
Yes but limited, because most places will only need a few and will rarely get replaced.
Uni audio engineering or music specific college. Uni always looks better though.. but it might be an expensive waste if you can't find one.

You'll really have to be in a city with a thriving music business. There aren't many of those around.

Over the next few months see if any areas around you need them and keep tabs on how frequent they are and whether they're filled quickly. Quickly is usually a sign there's competition and you might have to think about the reality of becoming an engineer.
Very, very difficult to come by, and get into..and then progress in without connections of some kind. I've looked into it for years.
If you do become a head tech in a studio, you'd make a fair pocketful...but you have to work your ass off, probably starting with making the coffee for the people who make the tea, and make your way up the ladder.
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A) Are there jobs as an audio engineer?
B) How do I become one?

A) Yes, but there are far more applicants than jobs
B) You get contacts. i.e. make sure you know people that know you're better than them at it. (university is one way of doing this)

I'm not saying don't go to university. I'm studying music technology at uni at the moment. However, it is pretty much the most subscribed course in the universe so 99% of my coursemates won't get the career they think they will. I hopefully will, but that's because I'm better than most of them. (I don't mean to be big headed here, it's just the way it is)

So basically.. if you're good at it then go ahead and study audio engineering or something like that and you'll probably enjoy yourself and you might get a job at the end of it. All I'm saying is it really is difficult to get anywhere with it afaik, so study hard and stuff.
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You might want to consider digital audio design instead, which involves not only mixing and engineering, but also programming software audio applications and designing sounds for media and products. Has a fairly decent job rate.


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A. Live sound engineering is tough but IMO much more fun and rewarding
B. Don't study, get real work experience and work under someone who knows their shit

It's a tough industry to work in let alone get into, so experience is the key. For now, do your homework and try engineer some small gigs to get a taste of it (you might hate it, its almost always stressful and there's an absolute shitload to learn)

Regarding studio engineering... I think that's even harder to get into, most studio's don't want any extra bodies they don't need, whereas live gigs always like a bit of muscle. Studio's are much more predictable and less stressful (stuff rarely goes wrong) but most studio's have 1 guy that does everything, only the massive studios have engineers as well as producers and assistants...and everybody wants to work there!

There's my 2 cents... do live
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I'll check out Audio Design, Xiaoxi. Thanks, guys, but keep up the help!
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I am currently studying Music Technology at BA Degree level. A lot of this line of work is experience, so get out there! I have watched Audio Engineers do work live for James Blunt, I have worked for a studio and I have several years of education in the studio, but I know 1/100th of what I need to know to succeed.

Audio Engineers are not just for the studio. In fact, there's a demand for them for live performances and in indie labels.
I'm just at the end of my first year doing a BSc in Audio Technology with Electronics, I don't expect that the qualification I'll get out of it will mean that much in comparison to experience and contacts though. Hopefully by studying it at uni I'll meet people who can help me get that though.
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