Hi, i have the drum kit from hell and i was wondering what kinda of EQ, compressors, and other things i can plug in to make it sound a little thicker. I have pro tools 8 le.
It depends on what kind of sound you like, it really is just a matter of playing around with a sound until you get something you like.
What I do with ezdrummer is I will isolate the individual pieces of the kit and export them as audio files, then I reload them back into Cubase (my recording software) and i'll EQ them individually. Yes it is a lengthy process but it works. There is no real "master" eq setting, it all depends on the song and the other sounds to make it work.
Just listen to the track and determine if it needs more mids or lows, etc. Change the eq and listen back while turning the eq on and off so you can hear the difference.
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