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22 33%
10 15%
4 6%
1 2%
10 15%
8 12%
0 0%
UG !
11 17%
0 0%
0 0%
Voters: 66.
probably the computer
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Google by a mile.
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Wikipedia. Such a vast collection of Knowledge.

This. I love the quote used to describe its intent: "Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge."
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Google is definitely the owner of the net, so in terms of pure business expenditure, I'd have to give it to them.

But Wikipedia is literally (trying to be, at least) all the world's knowledge at your fingertips. FOR FREE. kinda mind-boggling when you think of it.
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Id have to say a tie between Google (for its pure might) and Wikipedia, basically for its intent listed above and how much its accomplished (including all of Wikimedia).

YouTube, lol.
Google-- Making the Internet more convenient for the win!

YouTube-- It centralized video hosting, which is great, but we could survive without it.
Facebook-- Great idea on behalf of the creators, but IMO not that important to humanity

Myspace-- same as Facebook

Wikipedia-- a GIANT free encyclopedia with almost every article you'd ever want, and with citations? Wikipedia has forever changed information gathering.

Torrents-- Sending a shock to the system of music is nothing to ignore. The very industry is rapidly changing because of torrenting. Bands that would otherwise have never made it have major followings because of the Internet and torrenting.

Skype-- Great service, but we do have telephones and whatnot.

UG !-- Haha. I love UG, but there are other, more important sites

Twitter- Come on... I mean, I like my Twitter account, but... come on...

IMO, it goes either Wikipedia or Gooogle, then the other one, then torrenting. While I'm at it, I think eBay and Amazon should be on the poll. I'd put Amazon right behind torrenting, then eBay after Amazon.
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Google. The other search engines aren't as enticing.
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Ask Tim Berners-Lee

What he invented blows all those other ones out of the water by a mile.

Used google and wikipedia to find out who that is
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