Song may or may not be done. I need to know if it is A) boring or B) what I need to work on eqing (most likely the bass and drums).

So if you can help figure out how to get this sounding better or tell me it sounds fine I am down for a C4C.

I only C4C if you leave me link to your thread, I am not gonna go searching for it.

Quality of your crit determines quality of mine.

Interesting intro/sound effects. You might think I'm nuts, but this reminds me of the Cure. This is my opinion: I forget if you sing, but I feel it needs vocals, and needs at least one other riff; otherwise, I think it sounds quite good! Audio quality is good to me. Good outro. Please review my music at this link:

Beginning sound effects are reminiscent of Welcome To The Machine.

Its pretty laid back, not really boring. I wouldn't say that the piano is driving it at this point, its still pretty even... Okay, now I've got a bit more piano happening... I like the effects, they really work. Its a bit short to really say anything, like... Not a ton happens. Its too short to be boring, but too short to be groundbreaking. It sounds transitional, really...

... It actually worked REALLY WELL as an intro to the next song on your playlist, try stacking something before that and see how it works out.

C4C? I wrote my own little piano-ditty, and I'd like to hear what you think.