Hey pit,
I'm a freshman in college studying Mech. engineering. Fall semester went well and I had a 3.8 in December. this semester however has been really hard though and I'm taking 1 less class. The biggest problem is Calculus 1. i have always been good at math. i got an A in Math 110 and 115 without trying and now I'm struggling to get a C

So i ask, does anyone out there just not do good during spring semester or am i screwed? Anyone have constructive polite thoughts?
im significantly lazier in this semester. also my biology class is pretty hard.
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I'm a freshman in engineering too. Fall semester I ended up with a 2.4 and barely had a C in Calc 1. This semester I'm doing pretty well (~3.2 atm) and I securely have a B in Calc II. I'm sure everyone has troublesome semesters at some point. Also some professors don't teach as well as others, so it might not be you. Just keep working at it.
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Same thing happened to me...I cruised through my first semester with a 3.8 and thought "hey, this shit is easy," then 2nd semester hit me like a brick wall. You'll be fine, you just gotta learn to adjust to it.
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Yea freshman also. I got a 4.0 last semester but will be lucky to get a 3.0 this semester. I honestly don't know what I'm doing differently.

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Dude i 100% agree with this.

first semester i was so much more dedicated, attended all my classes, tried hard etc.

2nd semester there are 2 classes i dont even go to and i barely pay attention or try in the others... its like i had a finite amount of motivation for the whole year and I used it all 1st semester

ill get er done though lol
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like a fine cheese, I get better with age. rather, I'm keeping my grades up so I look good on paper. I can't afford to fuck around.
I think I'm actually doing better all around this semester. I ended up with a 3.6 last semester, which was a definite drop from highschool. However, I think most of that was down to the adjustment to the schedule/pace of uni. Definitely more effort this semester, and it seems to be working thus far. Exams for the next to weeks though, so we'll see how that holds up.
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Your freshmen you first semester is your easiest...and your second semester is pretty easy (Those are especially true engineering).

Shit gets harder lol I go to an engineering school believe. Kick ass while you still can.
I studied Electrical Engineering and got an F in one class my first semester (Javascript). Ever since that F, I worked my butt off to raise my GPA without retaking the class, I got above a 3.7 every semester after. The classes do get harder but if you work hard you can still get straight A's no problem.
Difficulty wise, I was the opposite. The first half of each year seems to be harder, but I get really lazy around February-March. Every day is prefaced with me whining about not wanting to go to class
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I usually rock 80s first semester and give up in second semester (60s-75s), especially this year...
I did really good first semester. Now I'm tired, burnt out, and wanting it to be summer. I'm tired of school in general. I'm not doing so hot, my classes are slightly harder and I'm more lazy. Not a good combo. I frequently skip classes this semester. It's probably why I have a D in ethics right now.
The same has happened to me. I had a 3.8 GPA last semester, but this semester I have modest B's. For me it's just bad study habits really.
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I'm having a mid semester slump in enthusiasm. Which kinda sucks considering it's my first semester of my first year.
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wow. It's good to know I'm not alone. i think next fall i'll try taking more important classes and the easier ones in the fall. hopefully that'll work. thanks everyone.
Opposite for me. I had two A's, two A-'s and a B+ last semester but I'm on track for all A's this semester.

however, found out I've been accepted to Cornell as a transfer for next fall, so my study habits may falter a bit, seeing as how I'm out of here anyway.
Yeah, Fall quarter I had about a 3.3, and last quarter (Winter) I got a 1.7. Talk about a grade drop.

This quarter, I'm on track for A's and B's, though, thank god.

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