Hey ya'll! For those who know my music, and who have C4C'd me in the past, you might see this as something markedly different.

I've been writing a piece for my piano class... A more classically-driven piece. Now, my hope is to expand this into a three-movement suite, possibly including heavier guitar parts (I don't know, I'm still fleshing out... Even this movement)

Without further ado, you can find the song on my profile:


C4C as always!

I took piano lessons for 5 years. Many of the melodies sounds rather familiar to me; not sure if you're accidently borrowing from someone else. If not, the melodies are very good! Most of the playing is good. A few parts could be better playing-wise. Audio quality is good. Please review my music at this link:

The melodies are quotations that have been re-harmonized, and will lie a bit further back when I get around to filling in string parts. Its actually a fairly common pattern, and it fits my ear and tastes really well. I'd actually like to know where I'm borrowing them from.
Starts nice and mellow, reminds me of something from my old "music appreciation class". One thing that strikes me though is during your piano "stabs" (sorry idk the correct term) in the 0:38 to 1:00 range and definitely at 0:50. The sound is clipping? I could be wrong as I recently damaged my left ear drum, but I am pretty sure its clipping. It keeps a classical sound either way though. The part at 2:29 is really pretty and fits. My favorite part is after the 3:20 point I think that is a really nice sound. I am not a classical pianist by any means but it sounds very well performed and I would be interested in seeing where this goes.
Thanks for the comments. Yeah, I realized the clipping a bit earlier... Too late to fix right now though, this was a run-through to notate it. I'm gonna learn it, re-write some parts, and re-record on a proper piano (Hopefully the auditorium grand).

I need to rest my ears for a bit, but I will get back to you all and comment on Monday. Thanks Yall!
very soothing. i wish i knew how to play piano. almost church sounding. but it seems to get darker as the song goes on. i would add some light drums at some point. maybe some acoustic guitar to kind of pull it together but it sounds good. it does seem a bit long though. maybe trim it down a tad. good job though.

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