I'm stepping in to play bass in a gig in two days time. Regardless if you're reply is before or after then it will be still nice to get some pointers for future reference.

I'd say I'm an average bass player although I've no lessons and just simply picked it up through 8 years of guitar and I just general work off feel and by experience. Although I can breeze through simple bass lines or whatnot, when we do some bluesy tracks, it would be really handy for some tips to give my bass lines "that edge". Since it's going to be 12 bar blues and just quite relaxed, it's going to be pretty much improved around obviously the correct notes but It would be cool if you guys could suggest somethings that have worked well for you in the past or little tips or things that you think sounds nice; within context of course.

Things I've sort of already tried is occasional octaves and sometimes running back down from that octave to the original note, things like that.

Cheers guys.
Personally (and I've read this is many blues/walking books for bass) I like doing a leading chromatic note. So if you're playing a line in C and the next chord is F, the last note of the C bar could be G# or F# and then hit the F and play the F bar line, then do that for the next note.

EDIT: example

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while I agree with your chromatic run into hte next note that example is awful.

for 1) that B does not belong with a C and an F.
2) why play that Db after the F? its not in the scale and it doesn't sound good under the chord.
3)whats with your tabbing? why p[lay the C in the 3rd measure way up on the 10 instead of on the 5 of the g string? same with the 7 and the 9 before it. if you played those 3 notes on the G string and keep the whole thing in the same hand position.



mines not great either, but uts better.
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Thanks for advice guys, really appreciated. Keep it coming if anyone else has more input.
Learn some Stevie Ray Vaughn bass parts. Tommy Shannon was/is a awesome example of a virtuostic blues bassist. (blues not jazz)
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