I've seen these on the internet. I think the black Patriot looks very nice, it's causing a terrible case of GAS. I never played one. Does anyone here any experience with them?
The ones I played (a Vintage, Hybrid and Standard) were fantastic. The fit and finish was far above and beyond what you get on any other $500-ish guitar and the tones were top notch (I preferred the P90s but if you're a "Crunchoholic" you'll probably prefer the humbucker or EMG models). I'd say go for it.

The only concern I've found is that the pots feel a little loose. However, that's a $10 fix.
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I have a friend with one and he's quite happy about the purchase. I've only played his occasionally, but it seemed to be a nice guitar for what it costs.

I bought a Patriot Decree in blood red a while back because I got a deal I couldn't pass up. Walking out of the guitar store, I had no clue what I was holding other than one of the most beautiful guitars I'd laid eyes on in person. Its sound is so much more crisp and clean than any epiphone or any guitar, for that matter, for a price anywhere close to the patriot. Not to mention, about 89,749,368,490 compliments on its looks and sound. I can't believe Michael Kelly isn't that well known in the guitar world. Go for it, dude!
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I have a Michael Kelly patriot custom, It was my first eletric guitar, and it's fantastic.
It have a great sound!!!
I briefly played a Patriot Custom in a shop near me.
It was my first time holding an electric, and I've only been playing for under a year.
So I can't really tell you if it sounded good.

What I CAN tell you, is that it looked and felt great. Amber finish, had some nice weight to it and the neck felt smooth. The volume and tone knobs felt a bit weak and very plastick-y, but the pickup selector felt very sturdy. The direct-mounted pickups do look a bit strange if you're not into that kind of thing, but it's purely cosmetic.
Tuners we're also very good, easy to turn and hight quality.

I am more of a vintage guitar guy, like LP's and semi-hollows. So I'm not really floored by the looks of it, but the quality is definitely a lot higher than the 425 euros they asked for it.
MK guitars on the whole are INCREDIBLE. Some of the best value you'll get. I think they're one of the best low-mid range rock guitars out there for sure.

The Patriot is amazing, definitely one of the better one. Honestly, when compared to Epiphones, Ibanezes, Schecters, and lower end LTDs in its price range, it destroys them all. It's versatile, it's got great build quality, and is just an all around great guitar.

Just try one first to see if you like the feel.
I picked up a used Patriot Q a while ago. Excellent build quality, top notch fit and finish. I was amazed at how well it was put together. It plays phenominally well and has a great sound. Tonal range is quite wide due to the split coils.

Here are a few pics of mine:

(ignore the intonation on the D... It was a bad string)

Like it was said... Try one, you will like it!
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I've never had any experiance with one, butif it felt good and sounded good to you that is all that matters. My buddy has a Heritage LP and an american strat and still prefers the squire Tele I sold him for playability and tone! Of corse it was one of the Japanese Pro Tone's with a JB jr in the bridge.
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I have a patriot glory and a patriot custom and they're both outstanding guitars. I actually really don't understand how Michael Kelly can make a profit selling them for what they do considering the specs and build quality. Sub-$500 I don't think you're going to find many guitars that are even close, definitely not and LP style single cuts.
Just to contribute my patriot glory to the mix,

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