We need judges and contestants.

I'd be either.

Ethically I can't be both obviously.

There isn't a dead thread on this already is there?

The great god searchbar said no.

EDIT: I'll be judging BTW.

I know I can't actually compete.
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I feel like linking to that site is bannable on grounds of porn...
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Don't link to that site. Bannable.

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Don't link to that site. Bannable.

Encyclopedia Dramat... um that site is bannable? That seems dumb.

I didn't finish it so it doesn't count
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When playing any pokemon game and encountering a fisherman with 5 or 6 FUCKING MAGIKARP!!!!!!! I mean the thing is useless and it only gives like 7 exp points each. Yeah eventually that guy can have an army of gyarados but still.