I'm looking for a new-ish PS3 game that has good split-screen multiplayer. I'm cool with it as long as it's not a fighting game ie; streetfighter. Any good ones?
yup black ops is where its at for split screen multiplayer and being able to go online with a friend like that...... love ps3 btw
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Black Ops would be my first choice
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Anyone who suggest Black Ops doesn't know what a military shooter is

Bad Company 2.

i dont play black ops because its a military based game.. i play it because its fun and when a team gets a 100+ point lead in domination its fun to imagine how bad the people on the other team are whining.

I have only played world at wars storyline also so its basically all multiplayer for me..
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Battlefield, Black Ops, Crysis 2?

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Black Ops

And make sure to play the story, too. It's pretty amazing.
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Killzone 3
Has online up to 24 players
Split screen co-op too


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And why don't you want fighting games? I'm usually against them too, but Marvel vs Capcom 3 is quite possibly the most enjoyable game ever with friends. Especially if you're at least a small bit nerdy.
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What about non shooters? FUN GAME TIME WIF GIRLFRIEND?!?! I THINK SO!

and not that game time pervs
Yeah non-shooters for sure, I actually never said I wanted a shooter people just started suggesting them. So far the only real suggestions are black ops, mag, and little big planet. Anyone know of anything different that's good, like resident evil style etc..? My brother is visiting for 2 weeks and every time he visits we always finish a new game before he leaves. We've done MW2, Resident Evil 5, Gears of War, etc. I'll probably buy Black Ops but if anyone has any other suggestions keep em coming
Rock Band.


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Little Big Planet.

I live my life by Little Big Planet one and two. Seriously ****ing get these games.
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Rock Band.


Finished and sold it. Was pretty fun though

Oh and I see stuff about Little Big Planet but I really don't have a clue what they're about lol I'll look em up
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Finished and sold it. Was pretty fun though


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Momie's like not even a real person, just an asian, lesbian spirit.
Played pretty far into it for a while, played some multiplayer, had my fill and decided to ditch it while I could still get some cash for a bunch of plastic instruments...
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Little Big Planet.

This. So much.

My sister and I practically laughed the hell out of ourselves every half an hour or so playing that game.
Army of Two is awesome in multiplayer, but it sucks in singleplayer... might wanna check that out.
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Do NOT get Littlebigplanet 2. The online is absolutely atrocious. A fun game for local multiplayer, for sure, but not online.
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PS3? Game?

What are you talking about, PS3 has no games

also gaming thread
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