So I'm looking into getting my first baritone to use instead of the 7-string. Feel like I could handle it better. My only issue is I'm not sure what I should be looking for as far as which gauges to get. The tuning I'm looking at is Dropped A#. I've been doing this on my 7 but everything is pretty much tuned up, minus the B of course. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
So you got a baritone or planning to buy one? What scale?

I use 70 on my 25,5" for A. That's pretty much good.
On my 26,5" 7 string I use 64 for A#. So I guess if I went to buy a baritone 28" I'd try something like 60 for A# for starters.

Since you're going to a dropped tuning you propably have to get a separate string for the lowest because sets are mostly designed for non-dropped tunings. Just stating the obvious.