my friend never washed his hands before he used my guitar for every gig, and the result is in the image below

any tips on getting rid of it? it looks worse in person

sorry for the large pic also
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try a damped cloth. worked a little on my maple fretboard so a neck should be do-able too.
Yeah, I also think it looks like it has gone into the wood. You can sand it for a while and see if it seems to be getting better. Some people like a thinner neck, but I dont think you can take much off the sides near the fret board without making it unplayable. I suggest you develop a taste for the 'aged look' and learn to live with it. I was going to refinish the Charvel I revived, but I've fallen in love with its nicks, chips and discolouring. Now I call them character marks instead of damage.
punch your friend in the face for f*cking up the finish on your neck
then enjoy your free kinda relic'd neck
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Hi, I am looking for an amp setting close to the sound of bands like Black Veil Brides.

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Set everything to 12 o'clock.

Go from there.


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Rofl! Does it affect playability at all btw?

Just sand it off.

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