I'm looking for similar tone to Isis, between the buried and me, cynic, and electric wizard. for the drone part I believe a Big Muff will pull that off well. I don't have much of a budget since I'm currently unemployed yet it'd be nice to hear some recommendations since I'll hopefully be getting some income soon..

I have a Mesa Boogie 4x12 loaded with Eminence speakers that sound murderous too bad I don't have my Peavey XXX head anymore. Had to sell it for rent. For pedals I use a Cathedral and a Dan Electroc PB&J that's all for all my clean stuff.. I also use a Maxon 808.

I've been thinking a used 5150 head would go great, but I'd like to hear more recommendations. Thanks
BTBAM is a very different sound to Electric Wizard. Same with Isis.

A 5150 head would suit you but Isis uses VHT heads if I'm not mistaken. For Electric Wizard you're going to want a Boss FZ-2, seeing as that's what they actually used for a large part of their career. I'm sure their gear has changed since then, though.
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I wouldnt spend money on gear if i were you,you seem to be a broke,invest that money somewhere and look for a job and buy the gear when you get a job
job 1st
pr0n and music 2nd
Btw 5150 seems like a good bet
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Electric Wizard gets their tone from two things:
1. Fuzz pedal and overdrive pedal
2. Cranked amps with British voicing (cranked loud enough to break-up the power tubes)
Although on the early albums and the newest one, its sounds more of just cranked amps rather than fuzz pedals, though you can still hear fuzz, its not as present as say the album Dopethrone.

For everything else besides the Wizard, The 5150 is a great choice! And for Electric Wizard, the 5150 with a fuzz running into it, you will get a decent EW tone I guess.
Id kill anyone i saw trying to pull EW out of a 6505. At the very least you need something with a good fat clean tone for fuzzing on.

Big muff wont get you anywhere near that tone though imo.

Id probably snap up the FZ2 myself, quite a few good sounds from that box.