So, I have a friend who has a Tacoma Papoose, and I really like it. The issue is that it's discontinued. Does anyone have any suggestions for a short scale guitar (the papoose is 19") that would sound good tuned ADGCEA? I've looked at some 6 string guitaleles, but the reviews seem to say that they don't sound very good tuned like that, only like uke.

breedlove makes a guitar in the same scale - the Breedlove Passport C250/CM, T.

although unlike the papoose, which is all solid wood, the breedlove is a solid top guitar. make sure if you order this that you get the T version as breedlove makes a full sized version that has the exact same name but without the T at the end.

or you could just wait for a papoose to appear on ebay - they show up at least a couple times a month.
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