Hi everyone,

I dont post very of then, or at all. But i am right now on a big project and i could really use the help of someone with experience in making tabs of fast solos.

Right now im making a full album tab of the Untitled LE by Buckethead (wikipedia page ) and so far ive tabbed most of the album myself or with the help of some friends from the Buckethead.tk forum. In fact, ive outlined the project and how its going on that forum for a while now.

But my abilities to make tabs are really bad, possibly if someone with a lot of experience hears what i have, they would simply kill me or somthing, i really dont know. The point is that if someone is interested in helping me out with the tab of the fast solos in all the album, it would be great.

So far the tab what i have and what i need help with are detailed below:

Track 1: everthing finished but the solo

Track 2: everything is done except the fastest part of the solo

Track 3: has more problems, but nothing i cant fix, still, just need someone to tab the fast solos

Track 4 is completly done

Track 5 need the fast solo and possibly some help with the keyboards and the drums intro

Track 6: the back guitar and drums are done, still missing the into bass and the whole solo

Track 7: needs corroboration of the intro due to the weird sound effects, some part of the back gutar, bass and drums (i havent finished either of those last 2)

Track 8 needs just some bars of fast solo

Track 9: bass its almost done, but i need heavy help with keyboards and guitar.

Track 10: almost done completly, just needs the solo

Track 11, 12, and 13: i havent started them

Now, i know it looks like a lot. I have been tabbing like mad throught this past couple of weeks and i got a big part of everything tabbed out, but if anyone is interested in collaborating i would apreciate if you could just reply and tell me which part can you handle, so i can send you the guitar pro part.

PM me or something and I'll try to help if I have the time. I know countless Buckethead songs/the vast majority of his quirky little tricks, and was so into his music at one time that I actually used to post on buckethead.tk myself. I also submitted the highest rated Jordan tab on this site a few years back.