I have an Ibanez RGR420ex with and Edge III floating tremolo. I was in Death Metal band and we were in Drop A (I believe) and my friend tuned my guitar for me although it kept dropping out of tune. Now I've left and want to go back into standard and I've never changed the strings of this guitar before, I bought Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky .009 - .046. I put the stings on and now I can't tune it without the top strings going out of tune and the tremolo moving into the air..... Help please :P
I had similar issues with my ibanez too when I changed string gauge.

I think from memory I put the strings on and started tightening them, and had to flip the guitar over and adjust the screws connecting the springs.
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if the bridge is pulled up when you tune, tighten the screws in the back

if the bridge is pulled into the body, loosen the screws

be sure to detune the strings a bit before you adjust it
If possible you should try and buy the Total Guitar Metal Special. You would have to try and get in eBay or something cause I think it's a couple years old (It's black with a picture of Dime on the front).

In the back of that there is a section all about stringing,tuning and fixing the springs for a floyd rose tremolo, but there all basically the same. I needed to use this the first few times i needed to restring my guitars, it would only cost a few pounds and would be a worthwhile purchase.
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