I have an old SG copy that I'm fixing up. The issues with it seem to be very small but I have one question!

The Jack is not connected to any of the wires within the cavity. Should it be connected to the pots, volume control, selector switch, all three? Thanks.
If the jack isn't connected to anything the electronics are pretty useless. Here's the standard SG wiring:

For future reference ask in the wiring thread.
Ah I see, so it should be attached to all pots and then to the center of the pickup selector? Is that the middle of the three prongs on the bottom of the switch or the central thing infront of them?

Also sorry, will post in the right place next time!
If you look close theres actually 5 prongs, the center one has a black wire and is connected to the case one of the pots and the two either side of that are connected togther and to the jack. The far outside prongs are connected to the prongs of the two volume pots.
Excuse the crappy picture.

So do I basically have to put a new wire in from the pickup selector to the jack, and another wire to the tone pots?

Sorry, first time wiring a guitar. Looking to hopefully fix this one and learn in the process.
Yes, the lug on the jack that corresponds to the metal arm that connects with the tip of the jack goes to the middle lug of the selector switch. The other lug on the jack is soldered to one of the pots. (doesn't matter which one seeing as they should all be connected)
Hm, done that but no sound right now. Should i be soldering to the top of the pot or to one of the prongs?
To the top. One of the prongs on each pot is also connected to the top so you can solder here if you want, just make sure all the pots have their metal case connected together and to the jack.
I see! So the top of each pot should be connected together and then one of them should be connected to the jack, not just connected together at the prongs?