Here's a new track i just got around to recording, However this time i structured it to have vocals being able to fit (making it less interesting as an instrumental), but however no vocals are present right now haha. Also, please forgive the lack of mixing, let me know your thoughts.
Wicked chops, great guitar tone, love the brutal intro!, only crits would be the drums are a little... weak, how did you record them? and you should fade out the end... but you know that :P
Can't wait to hear the vocals when you get around to it
This song is so sick, awesome job.
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hey dude! this is sick as f***!!! i agree with the drums being a little weak but still! check out my signature for the link to my page and check out the song called Mr.Perro Aguayo you might dig it!

cool stuff you have ... and a real bunch of good ideas ...

i could only complain on a high level bout your stuff ... if you want the drums to be re-made i could do it for you ... just send me a message

there is realy nothing to complain bout the rest of the song ... maybe the guitars could get a little less room but that s all i found anything else ... REALY GOOD


as far as c4c goes https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1433421

anyway ... great job man

Greatz M