I'm pretty new to the whole recording thing, and I'm looking for a program, or programs I can use to record, and import sound loops into.
Something that is somewhat easy to use and highly malleable.

Also, can most recording programs read just about any sound loop file types?

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You can Sony acid studio for $90, it is decent, I've used it to record.

And yes usually, if not it is rather easy to reformat your files to one the program will work with.
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Audacity is a pretty decent program, so long as you have something you had use between the guitar and the computer.

If you're looking for a good recording program overall, I've heard good things about Reaper, although I've never personally had any use of it.

Also, good recording program for strictly guitar work would be the Line 6 POD Farm. My friend is in the band Exitum (check them out on YouTube if you have a second) and that's where he gets all his tones for the albums and for his YouTube covers.

Btw, I also have an RG75. Nice, solid amp!
Audacity is good, and is very simple to use. I got cubase 5 with my audio interface, but I haven't recorded anything there yet. It seems to be very good, but it's kinda complex...
You can download wavepad for free which is a super simple recording program that has some audio tweaks you can do to the sound files as well. I use that just to jot down ideas sometimes. To compile everything and record/mix somewhat professionally I use FL Studio. You can create drum loops and write parts for just about every other instrument you can think of with that program too, it's amazing. It's pretty complex to learn though, I figure out new things with it all the time.
So far Reaper looks like it fits the bill perfectly.

Guitar(s): .Shecter Tempest EXTREMEEEEEE
--------------Maton CW-80

Amplification: Randall RG75 G3
I'm a Reaper whore, so imma say Reaper. Not only does the interface look so damn awesome, it's also very very easy to use.