Hey guys,

I write for a guitar news site, and found out today that Lewis Hamilton the Formula One Driver bought Prince's golden strat for $100,000!

It was all in good charity, and probably merely pocket money for an F1 driver. Just wondering if anyone saw the George Lopez show where Prince announced this? I'm in the UK and haven't seen it, and rarely ever see any footage of Prince talking. The show was also followed by a performance from Prince's new band, so if anyone has any footage of this, please get in on You Tube!

Thanks! And also, if you're interested in the news article I wrote on it you can find it here:

Good article. But if the picture is of the actual guitar that Lewis Hamilton bought, then surely it's a telecaster?
hmmm, that doesnt look like the custom one prince got for is MSG shows. he had a complete gold flaked les paul, red about it in the la times as the fender factory is just miles away. thats great though, two stand up guys. i cant wait to see prince at one of his 21 shows in LA. first show tonight!
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