mute as you strum by lifting your fingers off the frets but not off the strings. can also be achieved by muting the strings with your palm as you strum.
hope that helps.
It's the down strum I can't figure out I don't see her muting the strings. It sounds more like the pick is clicking on each string and no tone produced. I only see her lift off the frets occasionally. Thanks for the reply.
looks to me like she's using the palm just past her thumb to mute the strings. Keep practicing grasshopper!
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Thanks guys,nothing worth while is easy I guess. She sure is talented.
Basically, every time she's strumming downward the second time she mutes it with the palm of her hand by strumming all of the strings in the chord--just muted..
sounds to me like the clicking is caused by using a thin, flexible pick.. though I could be wrong