Still looking, I don't really like dealing with kijiji anymore so thought id post an ad here. I have never seen anybody from Windsor on ultimate guitar yet but who knows. I am looking for a band, preferably to start something fresh. I listen to all types of music but death metal is what im best at playing. If im not challenging myself on drums im bored, and to me anything aside from death metal isn't a challenge anymore. I am not looking for "windsor metal" though because this combined punk and grindcore sound doesn't work for me I don't think it sounds good at all. I get it you like punk and grindcore but when we put together this subgenre that I don't even know what to call it turns out not even being music just noise, the songs have no structure and it's a mess. When I say death metal I think Deicide, Necrophagist, Divine Heresy nothing with core in it just in your face brutal skullcrushing metal. Don't be afraid to play technical but you don't have to make the song a mess. Please don't even reply to this post unless you are a musician in the Windsor area and want to jam with me. I didn't post on kijiji because im tired of running into the same 40 year old dudes asking me to play Metallica covers. I am 25 years old, haven't covered Metallica since I was 17 and have no plans to ever play Lar's beats again. Maybe the death metal guitar players are hiding on ultimate guitar.
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Not sure if you got the PM. Or if your no longer interested. I have a clip together if you wanna do online.
yeah man PM's are jacked up here. I didnt get yours either. Email me at maddnotez@gmail