I wouldn't simply because of my taste in guitars, if I had a Schecter C-1 Elite with Duncan distortions I don't believe I would go for a les paul knock off from Esp, However the pickups are badass in that thing, so I would probably end up getting it anyhow. It's up to you in the end though man your money, use it when you need it XD
I personally would love to have the purple Herman Li signature some day that thing is hot!
I played on it for about half an hour yesterday, it plays great, and feels amazing. In fact i almost prefer it to the feel of the gibson, and the pickups are great.
Just get it then... it sounds like you really like it and for that price you can't go wrong. A couple scratches here and there won't affect anything either and you'll prolly put a couple on it in no time. If you have the money right now to spend on it and you really like it I would buy it and I think she's pretty sexy.
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For that kind of deal yes! I've played a lot of the ec series and they are great. Go for it.
Like Maillouxlp18 said sounds like you really like it dude, I'd pull the trigger or as Coheed and Cambria say in their song Gravemakers and Gunslingers "Go on and pull that trigger!"
Get it, if you wind up absolutely hating it you could sell it for about the same you paid
Y'all don't say that