Are there any guitars that come factory set-up in Drop C tuning, or do I have to set it up that way??
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Maybe theres a couple signature guitars out there that are, but I don't know I'm just guessing.
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The Ibanez Matt Bachand Signature Model is the only one I can think of. You can just take any guitar and set it up to the tuning you want.
Why go out of your way to get a guitar that comes in drop c. When you can just get them to set it up for you before you leave.
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I know Ibanez has some new models called the RGD's that come set up in D Standard. pretty close.
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jackson demmilition V comes in B standard.
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ibanez Mick Thompson come in drop b so u could capo it at the second for drop c

i also use a 7 string in drop a capo 3rd fret for drop c
anyways, no, as far as I know, none of them are set up for that, it's not like it's hard to do though.
- Yes, My name is actually Terran -
- Not just a Starcraft fan -

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Very few, but I would not trust an average store to set up my guitar with heavier gauge strings at the right tuning and expecting it to play well. They might adjust the truss rod and set the action haphazardly but they won't slot the nut for the new strings. Learn to do basic guitar set up stuff that way you can put whatever strings on whatever guitar you want and make it work for you.
Ibanez RGD320Z has a different neck scale for de-tuning and comes factory setup in D standard, cheapest of the series. Only one I can think of.
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buy a guitar without constraints and to your personal liking and then getting it set up......or getting a guitar factory tuned to Drop-C...
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I do not feel comfortable adjusting the truss rod.

It is real simple man. You cant screw your neck up unless you go in there blind not knowing what you are doing. Check your neck relief, see what way it needs to go (less relief or more) and make 1/4 turns on the truss rod until your neck has the right amount of relief. Its not rocket science.