so, i've been searching for a long time now for a place to record, as my apartment is way too noisy. all i have been able to find is a small bathroom at a company that my family owns. about 7x7. with an 8 or 9ish foot ceiling. pretty much just big enough for me and my gear.

it may or may not be completely square, i havent been in it for over a year- it isn't in use because the key has been lost and my grandpa told me i could have it if i got it open.

i'll be recording guitar and vocals at the same time and probably double tracking my vocals afterwards. possibly recording cello too later this summer.

i know it's going to be tough, but is there any way i can deaden the sound a bit? the room has tons of reverb and i'm worried about the bass buildup when i'm playing guitar and singing at the same time. but it's the only place i can find, believe me, if i could record elsewhere, i would. haha.

i can also mix somewhere else if i need to.

i'm not expecting perfect sound out of it, or even close to perfect. just liveable and good enough that it's not going to make my recordings sound like complete garbage.

also, my budget is pretty minimal. i can possibly spend some money on it. but not very much. i still need to buy monitors. i'm hoping to make use of free stuff i find on craigslist-wood, carpet, ect.

Hang up blankets and towels every where you can. Stacks of pillows, lean a mattress against the wall, whatever. You should be able to deaden it down pretty well. Unless you're going for that "bathroom sound", otherwise it's pretty damn noticeable if you don't use any absorption.
Foam Packaging works well. Just grab it from anywhere you happen to spot it. Towels will be the best thing for your position. Try and get some kind of second hand thrown out carpet. Hang rugs on the wall etc etc. Sounds good! Wish i could have a space like that.
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I've come across a couple yards of carpet on CL for free several times. How about putting it on the walls? I have read that the tonal properties of carpet aren't desirable...
Why not take that carpet and build acoustic panels to put up?
That is what I'm planning on doing, Have you looked into free foam on craigslist?
Thanks for the link!
Ha. I know for a fact it's rather gross on there. It was the mens bathroom and I'm pretty sure it rarely got cleaned. The womens was clean so they never bothered to clean it, just took the signs down and only used the womens. Explains why the key got lost. It probably even got locked inside the bathroom when someone hurried out in horror. Haha. I only went in once when I worked there two summers ago. Enough for me.

But thanks a ton for that link. Any other suggestions? I might put up a picture when I get it open (and cleaned. Ha).