As the title asks, is there a good tone (more specifically, attribute for a tone) for accentuating rhythmic scratching?

Particularly, I am thinking more along the lines of Trey Anastatio's rhythmic playing. The beginning of "Punch You in the Eye" (in the link) is an isolated of occurrence of the sound I am looking for, but it appears a lot during verses when he is playing chords.


Another good example is in the between-verse parts of Chalkdust Torture:


I also think that, apart from tone, his hollowbody guitar is largely responsible for this sound, too.

Any help?
Thicker strings usually help, as well as plenty of treble.
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Mids. Craploads of them.
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Things that will help the most are-
high level mids. None of this scooping.
neck or neck/middle pickup are generally better
I also find a compressor pedal helps too.
MIDS also I use alot of rhythmic scratching and harmonics for the rhythm sections in my band I use humbuckers and keep my switch in the middle, and usually have the tone set all the way up. this usually gives me the tone that I like, but the mids really seem to give better sounding to the scratches...

anyways good luck!
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