I've found that my talent sort of works in month long "cycles," that is for maybe a week a and a half I'll play at my normal level of skill, then for maybe three days I'll play out of my mind, return to another week or so of playing normal, and then maybe a week of playing so bad I wonder why I even bother.

The problem is strictly physical, that is the time I'm playing great my fingers hit every note with easy and fly faster than before, and when I'm playing terrible it feels like my fret hand is glued down and it's impossible to move.

And for reference, I've been playing for years now. I'm in no way a "beginner." Anybody else experience this or am I just weird?
I definitely don't play at my best all the time... and I have good days and bad.
so I don't think it's weird.
Lots of things can cause variation in your playing day to day.