Hey, I just wondered how I could replace the knobs on my Les Paul with switches, and if it would be difficult. I want to replace the neck volume and tone, and the bridge tone. If anyone could draw a diagram then that would be great. Cheers.
what do you want the switches to do?

head over to the wiring thread with more information and we can help you out...
but we really need to know what you want the switches to do :/

the biggest issue may be the hole size, depending what kind of switches you want to use. the holes needed for pots are usually wider than the holes for a switch.

another issue may be that the threaded shaft of the switch won't reach all the way through the top wood. les paul pots often have longer shafts to reach through, so you may need switches with a longer shaft, or to recess inside the control cavity
It's possible and all that but the selections wont be in that order. 'Off' will be in the center.


If the original pots were 250k, use a 120k resistor. If they were 500k, use a 220k resistor. Just duplicate this circuit for each tone pot.