My brother and I wanna get in a band in Norfolk VA, or any surrounding area, we play classic rock hard rock and current rock. We're both in high school
You need more info cause Va is kinda big.
Are you in the Hampton roads area?
Do you have stage ready equipment ?
What is the general age of the group?
I live nearby in Hampton Roads. Can play bass, guitar and piano/keyboard. In high school too.
Yes, Norfolk is in Hampton Roads, near Virginia Beach, I'm 15 and my brothers 17, we both have amps but not nearly big enough, we just want a chill band that might play some gigs if we want to, I just want to play a full band with some good music like zeppelin and aerosmith.
I don't like zeppelin or aerosmith (its my opinion, so don't comment on it), sorry
Thats fine, most people I know don't, but if you know anyone who does feel free to tell them.
I'd love to get a band goin this summer. I live in norfolk, but I cant do anything until after may 21. I listen to classic rock a little towards the country side like lynyrd skynyrd or the eagles, but love zeppelin and aerosmith too. I can play lead or rythem, and a little slide.
Thats cool, I dont have a drummer right now anyway, if you can look around for one too I'd appreciate it. What school do you go to?
Yeah, i got a friend that says he plays drums, but i dont know how good he is because ive never heard him play. And i go to a military school up near Charlottesville, but im back for the summer in a couple of weeks.
I play guitar (mostly lead, but can/will do rhythm). I'm also go to high school in VA Beach. I live in the Kempsville area... been looking for a band that will play rock. I'm flexible. I love anything from Led Zeppelin to Velvet Revolver, back to Cheap Trick, and then to Motley Crue. Message me if interested.